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‘A RING’, author Frank de Zanger

‘A RING’ is a captivating and romantic story in the setting of St. Petersburg, New York, and the Provence, France.

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Novella ‘DE RING’ has been translated into English and is – with title ‘A RING’ – for sale as eBook at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.nl (de/fr/es/it etc.) . Click on  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004UB2VGG 

eBooks can be downloaded and read on your computer/PC, Mac, Kindle e-reader, smart phone, tablet etc.


Novel ‘A RING’ is a captivating and romantic story about Yara and her young daughter Sasha. Yara is a young Russian woman, who has difficulties in St. Petersburg to make ends meet. A foreign architect pops up in her life and makes it even more complicated than it already is. She receives a gift that turns her life upside down and gives it a completely different twist. A ring plays a major role in the novel – a ring as symbol for friendship, happiness, confidence, and personal initiative.

The setting of novella ‘A RING’ is partly in New York and in France, but mainly in St. Petersburg, the old majestic tsarist town with its palaces, canals and boulevards, with its proud inhabitants, but also its hidden poverty.

eBook/ePub: ISBN: 978-90-803597-7-2 / NUR 301, 2011, second edition 2012.

Review of ‘A RING’ from ABCme  (Amazon.com, Kindle Edition):

‘Captivating, and that’s why I finished it. …. Keywords; love, trust and take risks to get somewhere in life. Definitely worth a few hours of your time.’  (4 out of 5 stars).

Review Gert H., August 7, 2014, Amazon.com:

‘A real page-turner for summer-holiday reading’. The novel “A Ring” by Frank de Zanger, is a real page-turner and can easily be enjoyed in one mouthful during the summer holiday. The well thought plot takes you through interesting places like New York, St Petersburg and Provence, all held together by a mysterious ring which changes hands a couple of times as the novel unfolds. The English eBook version is translated from the Dutch original and is well suited for reading even on your iPhone.

Review Laurie N., 2018: ‘intriguing’, ‘mysterious’, ‘sweet’.


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